Guaranteed Signups are now available
Traffic Campaign Tips / April 25th, 2021 2:07 pm
Okay so you have a steady flow of visitors going to your website. You even have solo ads and network marketing going. Your website needs a little bit more. Maybe you want to build your mailing list or you want more leads for your website. Perhaps, you need people to test your services out. Whatever the case may be, your website needs signups. Traffic Bean can help with that. How? Go to the guaranteed signups page here at Traffic Bean to get started. Here are few tips below to help you with your campaign.

Campaign Details (URL): Once you have finished entering your personal details, enter the URL you want people to visit and sign up to. Make sure to check the link before you put in your form

GEO Target: Where do you want your sign ups to come from? United States, Canada or the United Kingdom? Choose the country you want.

Descriptions: Enter the description of your website. Make sure to use a few keywords that will make your website stand out. There are two fields for it.

That is it for this tip. You can go to the Guaranteed Sign Ups page to shop for what you need and we’ll do the rest.
​Purchasing a traffic package? Here’s a little tip to get you started
Traffic Campaign Tips / April 20th, 2021 2:00 am
Every website needs website traffic. Without a steady flow of visitors to your website, there is little chance of growing an audience or gaining a potential sale. How do you make sure your website link is getting targeted traffic?  You can set it up at purchase. Let us see how.

Campaign runtime (Length)

You have the option to choose whether your campaign runs for seven days or ten days. If you purchased a small campaign like 2oook visitors, why not choose to run it for ten days.
Choose your target audience (Targeting)

 Where it says targeting you have the option to choose the age group or business opportunity. click the dropdown list to choose the right one that fits your website the most. For example, you are a business opportunity affiliate, then the best choice would be Business opps.
Target country or city (Geo Targeting)

Where do you live? You can choose to target the region you live in or another country. Choose that in the dropdown menu.

Go to Traffic Bean to get started.
Short Tip #4: Can you use a Rotator link at Traffic Bean?
Traffic Campaign Tips / January 18th, 2021 3:48 pm
There are many ways to promote your website online. You have, social media marketing, banner ad traffic, google ad words, splash pages, landing pages and more. I could go on and on. However, what if there were easier ways to promote your websites at once? What about a link rotator? If you have multiple web sites you would like to promote you can add them to a rotator and set up your traffic campaign here at Traffic Bean.  What is a rotator? A link rotator is one URL that directs visitors to multiple websites that you own.

What is the benefit?

You can evenly distribute visitors to your websites in the rotator. There is a high chance of visibility to all of the websites in your rotator.